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Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display

60A 12 24V auto PWM solar charge controller with LCD

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Product Details

Solar charge controller with LCD display

1.Product presentation of the solar charge controller with LCD display

Carspa hot sale 60A PWM solar charge controller,maximum solar panel capacity could reach 1440 watts,3 stage charging stage,always high efficiency up to 90%,data flow is visiable,so it is interface friendly.

2.Product specification of solar charge controller with LCD display



Nominal voltage

12/24V auto. switch

Max.Charging current


Battery type





24 months






Gift box

Packing list


1*User Manual

3.Product feature and application of solar charge controller with LCD display

-Pulse Width Modulation Technology which offers the good efficiency of your PV system.

-Automatically detects 12/24V system voltage.

-A big LCD screen display one main window and 7 different sub windows:

battery voltage, PV charge current, Load discharge current, total PV charge Ah, total PV discharge Ah, the setting of constant voltage charging, the setting of low voltage disconnect, the setting of low voltage reconnect.

-Temperature-compensated, three-stage I-U curve charge regulation.

-Full electronic protection (reverse polarity, over-current, short-circuit, over temperature, current drawback, lightning, etc.)

-Dual terminals for solar panel input.

-Suitable AGM,WET,GEL batteries,lithium battery availble but need client to provide us the datasheet of the battery.

Phase charging method includes two stage charging method and three stage charging method. The two stage charge method is to charge a constant current to a predetermined voltage value first, then change it to a constant voltage to complete the remainder of the charge. The conversion voltage between the two stages is the constant voltage of the second stage; the three stage charging method refers to a constant current charge at the beginning and the end of the charge and a constant voltage in the middle. Charge。 Although the method of stage charging can reduce the gas output to the minimum, as a fast charging method, it has certain limitations in practical application.   


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