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Solar Light Controller

5A 12V 24V PWM Solar Street Light Charge Controller with Timer and Light Sensor

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Product Details

solar light controller

1.Product introduction of the solar light controller

SLC12/24-5 12V 24V 5A PWM Solar Street Light Charge Controller with Timer and Light Sensor is for off-grid solar system, especially in solar light system, and protects the battery from being over charged by the solar module and over discharged by the loads. The charging process has been optimized a long battery life and improved system performance.

2.Product parameters of solar light controller



Nominal system voltage

12/24V auto.detection

Max. battery voltage


Rated charge current


Rated discharge current


Charge circuit voltage


Disharge circuit voltage drop


NTTV(night time threshold voltage)

12V system: 5V; 24V system:10V

DTTV(daytime threshold voltage)

12V system: 6V; 24V system:12V

Case protection







2 years


Yellow box:80pcs/CTN, 52*32*36cm

Packing list

1*5A Solar Charge Controller

1*User Manual

3.Product application of solar light controller

-12/24V auto. recognition

-High Efficient PWM Solar Charge

-Widely used, automaticall recognize day/night

-Intelligent timer function with 1-15hours options

-Gel, sealed and flooded battery type optional

-Electronic protection: overheating, over charging, over discharging, overload and short circuit

New energy includes hydropower, wind energy, solar energy and so on. Although wind power or water power are cheaper, most home users are not likely to find suitable venues for erection and high erection costs. Solar energy is different. Any user who owns a home can only use a solar panel as an auxiliary energy source if he finds a window that is exposed to sunlight. A few hundred yuan investment can be set up.

Buzzer alarm circuit

The alarm circuit uses a buzzer to issue an alarm sound. Since the driving ability of the STC89C52 output pin is weak, the buzzer must be driven with a triode. During the real-time monitoring of the battery voltage, once the detected voltage value continuously exceeds the threshold range, it starts its own alarm circuit. That is, when the voltage exceeds the programmed maximum or minimum value, the P2.6 pin (beep) The end) outputs a low level and the transistor turns on, driving the buzzer to send an alarm signal.

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