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Solar Street Light Charge Controller

CARSPA solar street light charge controller is high quality light regulator for street light with certified by CE/RoHS.

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Product Details

solar street light charge controller

1.Product introduction of the solar street light charge controller

CARSPA solar street lamp charging controller is a high quality street light regulator, which is certified by CE/ROHS. It can be connected to the 360W solar panel and convert the 15A current to the battery.

2.Product parameter (specification) of solar street light charge controller






Normal system voltage

12/24V DC auto. work

Maximum battery voltage


Rated charge current





Charge circuit voltage drop

≤ 0.26V

Discharge circuit voltage drop




NTTV(night time threshold voltage)

12V system: 5V; 24V system: 10V

DTTV(daytime threshold voltage)

12V system: 6V; 24V system: 12V

Temperature compensation coefficient(TEMPCO)*

-30Mv/°C/12V( 25°C ref)
     Compensation of equalization, boost, float and low voltage disconnect voltage.

Working temperature

-35°C to +55°C

Storage temperature

-35°C to +80°C


10%-90% NC



Overall dimension


3.Product feature and application of solar street light charge controller

- IP22 rated and ABS enclosures are designed to prevent fire and good heat dissipation.

-12 V / 24 V system voltage.

- LED digital display.

- The upgraded three-level PWM charging algorithm performs a balanced charge of the battery on a weekly basis to effectively prevent battery imbalance and vulcanization, thereby extending battery life.

- Up to 18 load operating modes for easy application of different types of street lights and monitoring equipment.

- The charging program options can be used to seal, gel and flood lead-acid batteries and ternary materials lithium iron phosphate and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

- The external temperature sensor helps to provide highly accurate temperature compensation.

- The parameter setting of the power-failure saving function eliminates the trouble of repeated setting and makes the operation simple and convenient.

- Various status indicators.

- Overcharge, overdischarge and overload protection, and short circuit and reverse polarity protection.

Before connecting the battery, make sure the battery voltage is higher than 9V to start the controller. If the system is 24V, make sure that the battery voltage is not less than 18V. System voltage selection is automatically recognized only when the controller is first activated.

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