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1000VA UPS System

1000VA Industrial Frequency Inverter with Battery Charger Adaptor with LCD display

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Product Details

1000VA UPS system

1.Product introduction of the 1000VA UPS system

EPS1000 is a 1000W industrial frequency Iiverter with battery charger adaptor and LCD display has a surge ratings of 2000W; maximum bypass current of 10A. Suitable for rural areas.

2.Product parameter (specification) of 1000VA UPS system



Inverter part

output power


surge power

1600W (Few seconds)

output voltage

110V±3%; 230V±3%




True Sine Wave

protection function

Bat. Low voltage alarm&shut down, over temperature, over voltage, short circuit, reverse polarity, erath leakage, overload

input voltage


battery capacity


battery box


Battery charger part

charge way

3 stage PWM

charge current


input voltage range


input frequency


bypass transfer time

less 10ms


display indicate way



PV, battery capacity, grid power voltage, inverter output voltage, output load, working status

communication interface


3.Product feature and application of 1000VA UPS system

-Ultra-Fast Transfer: transfer time between bypass mode and inverter mode, reduce possibility of voltage drop.

-Protection: overload, long life for battery, earth fault, short circuit, over temperature, soft start.

-Turbo cooling: keep the inverter surface cool and higher efficiency.

-Industrial frequency

-Automatic 3 stage internal battery charger.

-U.P.S function

-AVR function

-With both DC and AC inputs

-LCD+LED display

-RS232 Communication interface

-Compatible with GEL, AGM, Sealed Lead Acid, Flooded Lead Acid batteries.


1 What is your yearly revenue?        

It's about 80 million RMB, 15 million US dollars. The average growth of our annual revenue is about 10%. 

2 What products do you offer?        

"CARSPA sells electric power related products, such as off-grid inverters, charge controllers, and battery chargers, and we also provide services for solutions to customer's unique situations and requirements.

3 How is your quality?

CARSPA has successful implemented ISO9001 and a strict quality control process throughout the production process. In addition, we use ATE testing equipment for testing and we keep test data for as long as 5 years.

4 Can I get one for sample?

Sure, sample order or trial order is warmly welcomed for testing out good quality.

5 What is the lead time?

It depends on quantity. Usually 7days for sample, 30 working times for batch order.

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