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Solar Power Kit

It’s your best choice for solar power kit that is equipped with solar charge controller and pure sine wave inverter.

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Product Details

solar power kit

1.Product introduction of the solar power kit

It's your best choice for solar power kit that is equipped with solar charge controller 12V/20A and pure sine wave inverter 600W. It can be took to any place where is with solar panel and battery.

2.Product parameter (specification) of solar power kit



solar light kit

Solar charge controller

12V 20A

Charge controller mode


Power inverter


LED display

Battery voltage

LED indicators

Green for charge

External battery connectors


Solar panel

It can be 100-200W optional

Operating temperature


Protection function

Over charge,over discharge,overload,short circuit,reverse polarity,low and over voltage,over heat

Unit size


3.Product feature and application of solar power kit 

NSL350-400 Off grid Portable Solar Power System with 400W Inverter Controller Kit for Home is designed to meet customer’s demand. Generally speaking, it is a solar charge controller with inverter function, or an inverter with solar charge control function. The built-in controller is a PWM controller, PV maximum panel connected is 200W, and the battery fit for 12V lead-acid battery, gel battery. Also lithium battery is a settable choice.Inverter givespure sine wave power and provide AC output as well as dual DC USB output.

-Charge the battery with public power through the AC adapter.

-Intelligent cooling fan, LED digital displays the battery voltage.


1 How many engineers are there in your company?

We have 12 engineers in Wenzhou, 5 engineers in Shenzhen.

2 Do you have offices in Shenzhen?

Yes, we have a R&D center in Baoan, Shenzhen.It is mainly for hardware designing.

3 How long will it take to develop a new product?

Usually it takes about 60days to develop a new product. 

4 How about the payment and shipment?

We accept various payment methods like Paypal,Western union,T/T and L/C.

5 How about the warranty?

we provide 1.5 and 2 years warranty for different products and whole life  technical support.

Important factors in having a stand alone PV system

Firstly, you need to become very aware of how and when you use electricity. Solar panels only create electricity while the sun is shining on them so it may be necessary to store enough electricity to get you through one or two days of cloudy weather. In this case solar electricity becomes a valuable resource, you will not want to live without it, but you will not want to waste it, either. Try reducing energy demand through energy efficient measures.

Purchasing energy saving appliances and LED lights, for example, will reduce your electrical demand and allow you to purchase a smaller stand alone PV system to meet your actual energy needs. Energy efficiency allows you to start small and then add on as your energy needs increase.

Secondly, while a stand alone PV system is not a complicated system to install or run compared with other forms of off grid electrification devices, wind turbines, hydro-electric etc, solar PV systems still require regular maintenance that is not normally associated with standard grid connected mains power. You may want to become familiar with how your stand alone solar power system works, and what kind of daily or weekly maintenance is required.

All the systems components have to be checked and cleaned on a regular basis to make sure that the system is running optimally and like many other off grid systems, PV systems require some basic electrical knowledge in order to be able to install and maintain them in an effective manner and to diagnose any problems so become an expert of your system.

There are many advantages of a stand alone PV system some include low maintenance, low upkeep cost, no waste or byproducts, and easy expansion by using multiple solar panels and batteries. The disadvantages include high initial investment, especially for the photovoltaic panels and deep cycle lead acid batteries, reliance on the sun, and the possible danger from battery acid and fumes associated with most forms of renewable energy.

In the next tutorial about solar power we will look at the advantages of a Grid connected PV system compared to an off-grid installation. Grid connected PV systems are permanently connected to the electrical utility grid using a high quality inverter allowing the electric company to pay you if you generate more electricity than you consume.

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