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Solar Power System for 200W Panel

SL200-100P1000 is 100% off-grid system can offer dc and ac power out.

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Solar power system for 200w panel

1.Product introduction of the solar power system for 200W panel 

This 1000W output solar power system is our hot sale products in Africa market,maximum solar panel can be connected to this solar kit is 200W.

2.Product data of solar power system for 200W panel

1000W solar power system.png

3.Product feature and application of solar power system for 200w panel

Suitable for rural area,camping and other area lack of grid electricity usage,if there is sun power you can use it anywhere.


a).How long can i use this solar power system if i use total 220VAC 200W home appliances?

One fully charge by the solar power can use 8 hours@200W loads,if you need longer time,you can connect more external batteries to this solar kit.

b)What is the warranty of this solar kit you can provide?

Our warranty is 24 months

c)Is solar panel into this solar kit?

Because we are a factory professional in producing power inverter,solar charge controller,so solar panel is not included,if you want to buy solar panel from us it is avaible because we have partner producing the solar panel with a very competive price,welcome ask if require.

A free standing or Stand Alone PV System is made up of a number of individual photovoltaic modules (or panels) usually of 12 volts with power outputs of between 50 and 100+ watts each. These PV modules are then combined into a single array to give the desired power output. A simple stand alone PV system is an automatic solar system that produces electrical power to charge banks of batteries during the day for use at night when the suns energy is unavailable. A stand alone small scale PV system employs rechargeable batteries to store the electrical energy supplied by a PV panels or array.

Stand alone PV systems are ideal for remote rural areas and applications where other power sources are either impractical or are unavailable to provide power for lighting, appliances and other uses. In these cases, it is more cost effective to install a single stand alone PV system than pay the costs of having the local electricity company extend their power lines and cables directly to the home.

A stand alone photovoltaic (PV) system is an electrical system consisting of and array of one or more PV modules, conductors, electrical components, and one or more loads. But a small-scale PV system does not have to be attached to a roof top or building structures for domestic applications, they can be used for camper vans, RV’s, boats, tents, camping and any other remote location. Many companies now offer portable solar kits that allow you to provide your own reliable and free solar electricity anywhere you go even in hard to reach locations

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