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UPS System with MPPT Controller

UPS system with MPPT controller is combined with solar inverter and MPPT solar charge controller with AC charger

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Product Details

UPS system with MPPT controller

1.Product introduction of the UPS system with MPPT controller

UPS system with MPPT controller is combined with solar inverter and MPPT solar charge controller with AC charger, it’s low frequency type with stable quality and LCD display different working mode.

2.Product parameter (specification) of UPS system with MPPT controller



Output power

500VA 400W

Output voltage



True sine wave

Input voltage


Battery capacity


Charge way

3 stage MPPT solar charge controller

Charge current


Max.PV input power


Communication interface


3.Product feature and application of UPS system with MPPT controller 

-Ultra-Fast Transfer: transfer time between bypass mode and inverter mode, reduce possibility of voltage drop.

-Protection: overload, long life for battery, earth fault, short circuit, over temperature, soft start.

-Turbo cooling: keep the inverter surface cool and higher efficiency.

-Industrial frequency: wide-range high efficient circuit maximizes the operating time and more energy saving, and more stable.

-Automatic 3 stage internal battery charger.

-U.P.S function: Uninterruptable Power Source

-AVR function: public power low voltage, high voltage, time delay.


1 What products do you offer?

"CARSPA sells electric power related products, such as off-grid inverters, charge controllers, and battery chargers, and we also provide services for solutions to customer's unique situations and requirements.

2 Tell me more about your inverter. What are the major function?

Depending on the lines of products, our inverters invert DC into pure-sine-wave or modified-sine-wave 110V or 200V AC. They offers many safety features, such as, power overload protection , over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection. Also, we have other features to relieve human errors, such as short circuiting, and reverse polarity.

3 What is the difference between modified sine wave and pure sine wave?

"Both types of inverters will provide power to AC appliances, however Pure Sine is high quality equal to or better than the power in your home, Modified sine wave power is a simpler form of power and is adequate for simple electronics, but may damage more complex ones.

4 What is the difference between PWM and MPPT charge controller?

"PWM charge controllers rely on an older technology. These controllers work to match the voltage from the solar panels to battery's voltage by pulling down the panel's voltage,  in doing so, it lowers the efficiency of the energy to about 80% of the theoretical maximum.

MPPT is a newer technology designed for extracting maximum energy from the solar panel, by maintaining the highest possible voltage from the panel. It can achieve high efficiency rate of 98%."  

5 What is your regular package?

Our regular package is color box or brown box, then packaged in cartons. 

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